Kiltullagh Killimordaly Burial Records Online

Burial records for Kiltullagh and Killimordaly graveyards, dating back more than 180 years are now easily accessible to the public over the internet.

Details and Photos from both graveyards can be viewed on the Galway County Council website

Kiltullagh memorials can be searched at

Killimordaly memorials can be searched at


Search by Surname and hover over the photos to see the transcription details for that headstone. Double clicking on a photo thumbnail to view a larger more detailed image of the gravestone.

The project was initiated by Marie Mannion, Heritage Officer for Galway County Council. The hard work photographing and recording the gravestone details from both Kiltullagh and Killimordaly graveyard was carried out at local level by Con Mulvey.

The records and photos can be accessed free of charge and can be viewed by people all over the world, priceless for family history researchers.


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