Copy of Community Development Study available in Duane’s and McGann’s

Copy of Community Development Study available in Duane’s and McGann’s

Killimordaly Kiltullagh Community Centre announced on their Facebook page:

The exciting new development plan for our community has arrived in local shops. This is your Community Development Study which will help us all map out a sustainable blueprint for the future of Killimordaly, Kiltullagh and Attymon.

A limited number of copies are available in Duane’s and McGann’s from tomorrow morning, for a nominal fee of €10 to help us cover printing costs. Many thanks to Athenry Credit Union for their support in making this print run possible.

The study details options for the future of Attymon Bog as well as a contemporary community facility (accessible to all) that facilitates the coming together of people for their physical, mental and emotional well being; a showcase community space for all to meet for generations to come.

Many months of work has gone into producing this study, which could not have been possible without huge community engagement particularly through our online survey. We ask that you read and engage with this document. But our work is only beginning; we are now forming several committees to make the dream a reality. This is your opportunity to volunteer and share your experience with your community.

Thanks once again to all that made this possible, especially Athenry Credit Union.