Christmas in Esker 2020

Christmas in Esker 2020

EXTRA CHRISTMAS MASSES: As you can see, below, there are extra Masses this year, over the Christmas period: this is because spaces are limited in our Esker Church, but families can sit together in their own ‘bubble’. You can make your Christmas Mass on any day during the week of Christmas.

CHRISTMAS EVE MASSES: 10am, — 5pm, 7pm, and 9pm. (These Masses are also online): none of these Masses is a special one for families and children: and No Santa Clause in Esker, this year!

CHRISTMAS DAY MASSES: 8am, 10am, 12noon (These Masses online also) Due to Covid Restrictions, places are limited: first come, first serve.

PREPARING FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS MASS ONLINE? We invite you to consider preparing a space in your home, for these Masses: consider sitting together around your table, with a beautiful table-cloth: have some figures from your crib, or a Christmas card or cards, with Child and his Mother: also a safe candle. Be creative in setting your own sacred space, as you join in worship of God at this time of the Christ-Mass. Your home can be your Esker church, this year, your family table your Esker altar table. Prepare well in advance, and make the preparation a celebration in itself. Entering Level 5: After Christmas Day, Esker Church will be closed for Masses, as we enter Level 5 of restrictions: Masses each day from St. Stephen’s Day onwards, will be online only. December 26th, St. Stephen’s Day, 10am (online only) Sunday December 27th: Mass at 11am, online only. December 28-30: Mass at 10am online only.

NEW YEAR’S EVE: December 31st: Morning Mass at 10am online: Evening Mass at 9pm (online only)

NEW YEAR’S DAY (Friday 1st) Mass 10am online: Saturday, 2nd – Novena Day – Mass 10am online. SUNDAY JANUARY 3rd: Mass 11am, online.

——–ST. DOMINIC’S WELL: January 5, 6: There will be no public gathering at the Well, on this occasion: the Water will be blessed in a private ceremony beforehand, and will be available from the morning of January 5th, onwards. More information nearer the date.

SUPPORTING ESKER: Donating to the support of Esker? Please feel free to use the Donation Box at the back of the Esker Church, on your right as you leave: or to donate online, at, and ‘Make a Donation’.

Thank you. Your support at this time is needed and greatly appreciated.