Soccer Training moves to Turoe Pet Farms Astro Turf

Kiltullagh Pioneers FC announced that Soccer Training on Saturday mornings for the youngest players switches to Turoe Pet Farm’s Astro Turf pitch from this coming Saturday the 8th, until Christmas, and will be reviewed thereafter.

The reason for this is to protect the surface at Kiltullagh’s pitch from further damage with a large number of games to be played there over the next while and also to ensure that we get as much training done as possible for our youngsters, on a better surface, over the next couple of months.

Because of the numbers we have on a Saturday mornings, we have to divide up the training schedule further, so that players have room to run and practice and play properly. Therefore, the groups are now divided as follows;

Kids born 2007 (U10s) continue from 9am-10am, similar to what they are currently doing with their coaches Adrian(s), David, Tom and Sean.
Kids born 2008 (U9s) continue from 10am-11am, similar to what they are currently doing with their coaches Marcus and Melissa.
Kids born 2009 and later (U8s and younger) change to the new time of 11am-12noon with their coaches Elaine, Daniel, Kevin(s), Joe, Luke and Tommy.

There is also a nominal charge of €1 per player to cover the rental of the facility for the morning.

Source: Kiltullagh Pioneers FC Facebook Page


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