Survival of parishes ideas proposed

An open Parish Pastoral Council meeting will took place in Kiltullagh Hall on Wednesday, May 6, 2015, at 8.30pm to make suggestions on how best to run the parish in the absence of a priest. Pastrol council members, and also a small number of people expressed their views:

  • That lay volunteers would be trained to lead prayer services, funerals, sacramental preparation
  • That priests from abroad would be invited to come to the diocese
  • That we would pray for vocations to the priesthood, and religious life everyday
  • That a parish secretary be appointed
  • That lay persons be appointed as chairpersons of schools board of management
  • That deacons be appointed, and that women be ordainedkiltullaghchurch

Church News:
Priest’s retirement fund collection is now due. there is a special envelope in your box.


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