Kiltullagh Community Choir host Spizzwinks

Kiltullagh Community Choir are hosting 18 young men from Yale College in the USA this Thursday, May 18th, 2014.

The Spizzwinks are an all male a capella singing group from Yale University and this year they celebrate the 100th anniversary of the group’s very first performance. In that 100 years The Spizzwinks have performed in a number of international venues including Carnegie Hall and The White House and they have just returned from a tour of New Zealand. This is their first tour of Ireland and it commences in Galway at the invitation of Kiltullagh Community Choir. With an eclectic repertoire stretching from Cole Porter to Michael Jackson the vocal talent of these young men shines through and has wowed audiences worldwide.

Kiltullagh Community Choir has been in existence for over seventy years and prides itself on a long tradition of innovation in music and song. This contemporary choir is constantly updating its repertoire and carefully chooses music to inspire and bring joy to audiences both in Ireland and abroad. Kiltullagh Community Choir has performed to audiences of over 10,000 people in Lourdes and in partnership with local charities has sold out concerts in a number of venues across Ireland. Again the repertoire is a diverse one and covers classics from Bill Withers to Coldplay.

A welcome reception for these young musicians will take place in The Gate Lodge, Carrabane, on Thursday at 9pm. Music from Carmel Dempsey, Kiltullagh Chor, and The Spizzwinks.

Everyone is welcome, and admission is free.

Sing Strongs! Kiltullagh Community Choir and The Spizzwinks, Musical Evening Friday, May 9th 2014 at An Taibhdhearc, Middle Street, Galway. Only a few tickets left – for tickets, call 091 563600 or book via

Kiltullagh Community Choir host Spizzwinks


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