Lally of Knockatogher: An Irish Family in the Great Famine

“The Leaving of Loughrea – An Irish Family in the Great Famine” by Stephen Lally.

On the 1821 Census of Kiltullagh Killimordaly, the Lally family lived in Knockatogher here in the parish of Kiltullagh Killimordaly, until a tragic event in July 1821 brought shame on the family. They later moved to the Loughrea area, and their story is similar to that of so many Irish families as they struggled against the odds, were overwhelmed by the tragedy of the Great Famine, and were forced to leave their beloved homeland.

Stephen Lally lives near London, England, and has a great interest in how people lived in previous times. This is the story of the Lally family between 1818 and 1848. It could just as easily be your story if you have ancestors who were among over a million people who left the beautiful and tragic land of Ireland in the 1840s.

The story is broad enough to be of interest to anybody with ancestors from Ireland and, obviously, to anybody from Kiltullagh/Killimordaly and in Loughrea today.

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