Cycle Race through Kiltullagh

Seven Springs Cycling Club will be pedaling their way through Kiltullagh on Sunday 10th March as part of their annual road race.

The race route starts in Carrabane and continues down to Killtullagh, then over to Tallyho Cross and back up to Carrabane.

The Junior Race starts at 10.30am and are expected to pass through Killtullagh between 10.40am and 10.55am with the U 16 passing though again at about 11.45am.

The Senior race will start at 1.30pm and will consist of several laps of the circuit.

Seven Springs Cycling Club will have Marshalls along the route, with about 5 based in Killtullagh.


We are asking members of the public to take care when travelling in the area around these times and to be very carful when parking and exiting vehicles if they are attending Mass in Killtullagh.

The finish line is in Carrabane and should be an exciting finish so all are welcome to come along.


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